The City of Sun Prairie is welcoming applications for the recently formed Sustainability Committee, whose members will serve in an advisory capacity to the mayor and city council.

The committee will act in the interest of advancing Sun Prairie in all three aspects of sustainability: environmental stewardship, social responsibility, and economic development.

The committee will be comprised of nine members and is designed to represent a wide-cross section of the community with diverse perspectives utilizing their areas of expertise. Members at large should represent one of the following areas of expertise: energy, transportation and land use, environmental protection, finance and economics or human health and services.

Members are appointed by Mayor Paul Esser and approved by the city council. The first appointed members of the committee will serve staggered two-year terms.

“Sun Prairie thrives when its citizens are engaged in shaping our community vision, and sustainability efforts are certainly a space where we want the community voice. We welcome the community to apply and help achieve our shared goals,” said Scott Semroc, Sustainability Coordinator.

Applications are due by August 6, 2021. Residents interested in applying can go to: .

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