Sun Prairie Area School District electors approved the purchase of 323 W. Main St. for $214,000 during a 9-minute special electors meeting held Monday, Nov. 16 in the Performing Arts Center at Sun Prairie High School.

Electors chose Sun Prairie School Board President Steve Schroeder as the meeting chair.

Sun Prairie Area School District Superintendent Brad Saron provided a brief report that included the reasons why the district wants to purchase the home:

• Additional greenspace around the new Bank of Sun Prairie Stadium at Ashley Field;

• Enhanced visibility of the stadium from Main Street. The home is located directly north of the stadium’s north end zone.

• Increased traffic on Main Street and activity at the stadium. Saron said he believed there will be increased use of the bike path mandated by the City of Sun Prairie that sits between the stadium, and there will also be additional pedestrian activity in the area because of the stadium.

• A possible future partnership with the City of Sun Prairie. As part of its Sun Prairie Stronger plan, the city has identified the area around the new stadium, including current residential properties abutting the stadium along Main Street, as a development opportunity.

• Protecting the stadium investment and allowing more input in development adjacent to the new stadium.

Sun Prairie School Board Vice President Tom Weber authorized the purchase and his motion was seconded by Board Treasurer Caren Diedrich.

A show of hands indicated a vote of 22 in favor of the purchase and one vote against, according to Schroeder’s announced count.

Other board members in attendance included board members Dave Hoekstra — who nominated Schroeder to chair the meeting — and Carol Sue Albright, who moved to adjourn the meeting at 6:11 p.m.

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