Sun Prairie FFA officers, advisors

Jordan Hellenbrand (above, shown at a Zoom officer meeting) is a co-president of the Sun Prairie FFA this school year.

FFA week will be from February 20th, to February 27th. We plan to have several events, ranging from: A competition asking people to tell us about their experiences in FFA, a bulletin board game, an online game night, and student showcases.

The competition we plan to have judged at our Thursday meeting, and hope to see many of our members there.

With the online game night, we plan to have a few board and card games as options, along with some popular games like among us.

Regarding our student showcases, we plan to have our officers make videos about their experiences or memorable moments from their time in FFA.

We also plan to give students time to ask and share about their SAE projects. Our projects have been the highlight of this year and we really are excited to share out these projects.

Long-lasting connections

My FFA experience has been one of only positivity. I have made what I hope to be long lasting friendships and connections, from hanging out at competitions to meeting new people at conferences.

FFA has helped me to further grow my confidence, public speaking ability, and my interpersonal skills. My confidence, through the leadership and speaking competitions.

My public speaking, through my time as a FFA officer. And my interpersonal skills, through the FFA conferences, where met with other chapters to develop leadership and communication skills. As I graduate, my time in FFA will be at the forefront of my high school memories.

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