Sun Prairie West High School (2019)

In this preliminary rendering by Bray shown during the Oct. 28 Sun Prairie School Board meeting, students can view the new Sun Prairie West High School from the wetland located near the school. The Sun Prairie School Board approved the names Sun Prairie East High School for the existing Sun Prairie High School, and Sun Prairie West High School for the new school set to open in time for the 2022-23 school year.

Without discussion, the Sun Prairie Plan Commission on Dec. 10 voted to recommend annexing approximately 93 acres of land located along the south side of Highway 19 and one-third of a mile west of Grand Avenue, from the Town of Burke into the City of Sun Prairie.

The Sun Prairie Area School District made the request for the construction of the new Sun Prairie West High School and associated athletic fields.

In his report to the commission, City Planning Director Tim Semmann said the property is currently located within the Town of Burke, and is included within the Boundary Adjustment Area– Sun Prairie (BAA-S) as identified in the four-party Cooperative Plan (Town of Burke, Village of DeForest, City of Sun Prairie and the City of Madison).

The Cooperative Plan indicates that all of the land within the BAA-S will eventually become part of the City of Sun Prairie by 2037, and that these lands can be attached to the city in the interim if requested by property owners.

The annexation includes the remaining adjacent right-of-way for Highway 19 (Windsor Street) in the Town of Burke. The Burke Town Board reviewed and approved the request at its Nov. 20 meeting, including the full STH 19 right-of-way.

Semmann also stated in his report that property is contiguous to the city’s corporate boundary and located within the city’s Urban Service Area (USA). A portion of the Far West Side Sewer Interceptor crosses through the property, enabling future development to connect into the city’s sanitary system.

The SPASD has owned the subject property for more than 10 years, identifying the site as a possible second high school location. In April 2019, SPASD voters passed a referendum to build a second high school.

The district requested urban residential (UR) 12 zoning, where a high school may be developed with a conditional use. “Zoning the lands to the UR-12 designation as part of this annexation will remove the need to submit a separate re-zoning application,” Semmann wrote in his report. “Therefore, staff is supportive of the requested UR-12 zoning designation.”

Commissioners unanimously voted to recommend approval to the Sun Prairie City Council.

STAK change backed

Acting upon a city planning staff recommendation, the commission voted to recommend council approval of a request by STAK Investments for a Certified Survey Map (CSM) to reconfigure one lot and increase the size of a city-owned outlot located at 680 Creekview Ave.

City Planner Phillip Gritzmacher Jr. said the CSM is one of three in the same area being submitted by the applicant. Because the city owns the outlot being expanded, it is a signatory on the CSM and city council action is required before the CSM can be approved.

The additions to the outlot are being requested due to growth of the wetlands complex in the area, Gritzmacher wrote in the report.

Commissioners recommended council approval of the CSM.

Two meetings possible in January

Semmann asked for commissioners’ availability for two meetings in January — Jan. 14 and 25 — based on items tabled during the Dec. 10 meeting and others proposed for the Jan. 14 agenda.

Among the items: A request by FC Land to develop 160 multi-family units next to Cabela’s at 2965 Hoepker Road in Prairie Lakes; and the Habitat for Humanity request to develop 118 residential lots and six out lots on Town Hall Drive. Park 151 also is requesting to divide lots in its business park for light industrial and office development within the park.

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