New Angell Street alignment, parking lot

The photo illustration shows the realignment of Angell Street to the north side of the current shared city-Bank of Sun Prairie parking lot in the 200 block of East Main Street that will be reconfigured into city parking with spaces reserved for Bank of Sun Prairie employees during regular bank hours. The existing garage property on Columbus Street will be razed to provide for the construction and street realignment. Work could begin and be completed on the parking lot this fall.

The City of Sun Prairie could have a newly relocated Angell Street and a new municipal parking lot located between Church and Columbus streets this fall if the Sun Prairie City Council approves action taken June 9 by the Sun Prairie Plan Commission.

The commission made a recommendation to the council to approve a Certified Survey Map (CSM) to reconfigure three lots and two outlots located north of the Bank of Sun Prairie at 117 Columbus Street and 126 Church Street into two lots.

City Planner Philip Grtizmacher Jr. wrote in a memo the resulting two-lot plat would be used for the creation of the Angell Street Municipal Parking Lot and the new alignment of Angell Street.

Gritzmacher’s memo states that a cost-sharing agreement for the construction of the new lot has been approved between the city and the Bank of Sun Prairie which stipulates the city will receive portions of the Sun Prairie Municipal Building parking lot currently owned by the bank in exchange for providing the bank with dedicated parking stalls during the bank’s normal business hours in the new Angell Street Municipal Lot.

The Bank of Sun Prairie will receive Lot 2, a smaller area located near 212 E Main Street. The design of the lot has been approved through the Public Works Committee.

Gritzmacher wrote in the memo that the project has been submitted for bids with the aim of construction occurring this fall.

Included in the reconfiguration will be the relocation of Angell Street to the north of the parking facility.

The relocation will reduce pedestrian and vehicular conflicts near the backs of businesses located along Main Street.

“Although Angell Street functions like and visually appears to be a local street, the street has not, to staff’s knowledge, been dedicated as public right-of-way,” Gritzmacher wrote in the memo. Commissioners voted 8-0 to recommend council approval.

Menards, Costco

items backed

Commissioners recommended approval of two items for tenants in the Prairie Lakes retail development on the city’s far west side.

The commission voted 8-0 to recommend council approval of an amendment to a Precise Implementation Plan (PIP) to construct an additional access lane along the north side of the materials yard at 355 S. Grand Ave.

City Planner Tim Semmann wrote in a memo to the commission the intent of the lane is to provide an express entrance into the lumberyard for internet customers. The yard will now have two entrance lanes to the material/lumber yard, and one exit lane, with the new lane serving as the exit lane.

Customers making on-line purchases will use the express lane to access the materials yard via a dedicated smartphone bar code reader station. Those customers would then use the new, outside (northerly) lane to exit the area along with other customers using the outdoor materials center, according to Semmann.

The commission also voted 8-0, with one commissioner absent, to recommend council approval of a PIP to construct a parking lot south of Costco at 2960 Hoepker Road.

To be located on vacant land west of the private drive from Costco’s fuel station, the lot was approved in December 2011 as part of Costco’s 154,000 sq. ft. retail store, gas station, and 600 parking stalls.

Gritzmacher wrote in a memo to the commission that the proposed amendment would increase the total number of stalls on-site to 837 stalls by allowing for the construction of a 237 stall off-premise lot south of the Costco retail store and west of the gas station.

District 3 Alder Maureen Crombie’s request to allow nearby Providence residents to use the lot during snow emergencies was shot down by store officials because of liability. Jeri Krieg with the development team associated with the store and parking lot expansion said the store will be used as employee parking, with any remaining spaces taken up by Costco customers.

Efficiency units OK’d

Commissioners voted 5-3 to recommend council approval of a PIP to allow community room space at Prairie Trail Residences, 3061 Pleasant St., to be converted into efficiency units. A memo to commissioners from City Planner Sarah Sauer said the PIP will convert existing common space into three executive studios at Prairie Trail Residences in the Providence neighborhood.

The modification will convert existing library and event space on the third floor of a three-story building into three efficiency units and modify an existing common space on the first floor to accommodate the new library space.

In 2014, the city approved an amendment of the Providence General Development Plan (GDP) to allow construction of a 63-unit apartment building on the subject site.

Due to parking and design concerns raised by the Sun Prairie Plan Commission during review of the PIP, final approval included a total of 54 units with both underground and surface parking provided onsite.

Since then, more concern has been raised by alders and residents about the density in Providence, traffic congestion, the lack of off-street parking and ability for residents to place their refuse and recycling containers out during snow emergencies.

District 3 Alder Maureen Crombie told the commission she did not know if she could consider approval of the item. She voted against the motion to recommend council approval, along with commissioners Barb Bailey and Steve Stocker.

Next commission meeting July 14

A conditional use permit allowing the expansion of the Bauer-Rather Construction Campus on South Bird Street will be considered by the commission as part of its Tuesday, July 14 agenda, Semmann told the commission. Other items currently tabled by the commission as well as an outdoor sales use may also be considered.

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