Greenhouse plant sale approaching

Greenhouse manager Charles Czaplewski said a variety of herbs, vegetables, and bedding flowers will be sold at the annual SPHS Greenhouse Spring Plant Sale which will be held May 4-8 and May 18-21.

This year, I have been working as the Greenhouse Manager. In the fall semester through my position, I started working on a new Hydroponics Unit that we received from the District Nutrition Department.

This system grows 20 lbs. of fresh lettuce every six weeks to feed our students local and nutritional produce. It has been a wonderful opportunity to grow the food we are eating at school and we are already looking to expand to another unit at least!

With the beginning of the second semester, preparations for seeding are underway in the greenhouse and growing numerous varieties of herbs, vegetables, and bedding flowers for the Spring Plant Sale which will be held May 4-8 and 18-21.

All plants are cultivated by my classmates causing them to gain a wealth of important knowledge and skills. For example, a student walking in with no experience will learn how to take care of plants, develop current greenhouse industry techniques, and explore local careers in horticultural sciences.

We will also learn how to grow food for a community and themselves while discovering the purpose of each plant and their needs. Through these opportunities, our students will be more successful in their future plant endeavors.

I really appreciate everything a greenhouse has to offer for those in our community. Its ability to help with the growth of plants is obvious, but when you work in the greenhouse you really learn how to grow as a person.

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