Guardian Fabrication

Guardian Fabrication, located at 150 Business Park Drive in the Sun Prairie Business Park, notified the Wisconsin Department Workforce Development it will close effective Dec. 17, resulting in the permanent loss of 82 positions.

Guardian Fabrication will be ceasing all operations at its Sun Prairie facility at 150 Business Park Drive effective Dec. 17, 2021 — resulting in 82 positions being permanently eliminated, including 10 salaried employees and 72 hourly employees.

A Sept. 30th letter sent to the Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development announced the closure. The letter stated the closure was prompted by the discontinuation of the product line produced at the Sun Prairie location and “challenging business conditions.”

The letter also states employees will remain on the job until on or within 14 days of Dec. 17 based upon progress of the closure. A small team of employees will remain employed through a later date, according to the letter, to “maintain the integrity of the facility and address any final customer concerns.”

The letter to DWD also stats the company will ensure that employees receive 60 days notice of termination and will be paid all wages and benefits through the termination date. City Economic Development Director Taylor Brown said the city was notified last week and reached out to a specific contact person. Similar to what is stated in the DWD letter, Brown said communication with the city stated that the closure was prompted by company’s decision to discontinue the product line produced at the Sun Prairie location because of significant demand reduction and challenging business conditions.

“I have connected with them and at this time they are unsure what the status of the building or site is and are not working with a broker to market the building,” Brown replied when asked about marketing the building to find a new Business Park tenant.

“While the letter we received noted that a majority of employees would be laid off starting December 17, it stated that several would still be at the facility for a period of time,” Brown pointed out. In terms of support for the to-be-laid-off workers, Brown said the city doesn’t have any contact information for the employees, but is sponsoring the Sun Prairie Chamber of Commerce’s Job Fair taking place on Wednesday, Nov. 3 at the Hilton Garden Inn from 1-6 p.m.; learn more at

“There will be training sessions and resume review services available,” Brown replied, adding she will be reaching out to Guardian to provide them with specific marketing materials to distribute to employees.

The building previously served as home to Famous Fixtures, a subsidiary of Famous Footwear shoe stores; and LA Darling Company, which supplied store fixtures to retailers.

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