Veterans received a salute from the Sun Prairie School Board during its Monday, Nov. 11 meeting, with remarks from Mayor Paul Esser and other veterans about their service.

The board also approved a resolution honoring veterans and those currently serving in the U.S. military, declaring, “the Sun Prairie Area School District Board of Education proclaims November 11, 2019 as a day of recognition of the valor, sacrifice, and service of Veterans and Military Members from our community and around the world.”

Esser shared his most recent Badger Honor Flight experience, calling several parts of the trip with other veterans to see memorials in Washington DC moving and emotional and said he treasured the trip, which was taken with his daughter.

During his remarks, Esser said he served from 1965-67 and experienced none of the “baby killer” and protests for Vietnam veterans returning home.

“When some of the other veterans came home . . . on the West Coast, they were picketing,” Esser recalled.

Other veterans shared their service, including Chuck and Linda McCafferty, who instituted support for the Badger Honor Flights in the 1990s.

“Just know how honored we are,” remarked Sun Prairie School Board President Steve Schroeder, “to have you here.”

Census support resolution OK’d

A resolution brought forward by Sun Prairie School Board Clerk Carol Sue Albright asked for support for the 2020 Census. She said often, children ages 5 and younger are among the most uncounted or undercounted in the U.S. Census — something she said she does not want to happen in the Sun Prairie Area School District.

The resolution emphasizes the district “is committed to ensuring every resident is counted” and “recognizes the importance of the 2020 Census and supports participation in helping to ensure a complete, fair, and accurate count.”

Summer school report

Summer School Coordinator Shelley Joan Weiss provided a report about summer school to the Sun Prairie School Board.

In a memo to the board, Weiss wrote that some changes are being made based on attendance data and feedback from students, parents, and staff. Changes to the structure of the summer school program will take place next year by increasing the length of the day and shortening the number of days.

“The change has been positively received,” Weiss said in her report. “The change allows us to provide more opportunities for participation by all in classes offered in August (primarily music and specialized advanced placement classes).”

The change also provides environmental services and maintenance more time to prepare buildings for the upcoming school year, and families more time for other summer activities and provides teachers with additional time for professional development, according to Weiss.

“We are proud of the Summer School program and the number of children served. The best evidence is the number of total pupil minutes involved in Summer School. In 2014 there were 106,142 total pupil minutes, compared to 2019 in which there were 206,550 pupil minutes. This represents an increase of 100,408 total pupil minutes in five years, just about doubling the number of total pupil minutes.

“Our goal is always to engage students in programs and activities that extend and enrich existing curriculum in a safe and productive educational environment,” Weiss wrote in the memo to board members.

No action was taken on the report which was provided for informational purposes only.

Other action

• The board participated in a roughly 45 minute workshop on Continuous Improvement of Instruction relating to Literacy and Numeracy.

• The board, which met at the District Office at 501 S. Bird St., welcomed members from Boy Scouts of America Troop 333 to lead the Pledge of Allegiance.

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