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Sun Prairie Area School District Administrator Brad Saron said the district and its staff are preparing for a large transition as moves are being prepared in anticipation of opening a third middle school at 220 Kroncke Drive, moving Prairie Phoenix Academy into the same building from its current home at 160 South St., and the opening of the new Sun Prairie West High School.

During the Nov. 8 Sun Prairie School Board meeting, Saron explained the steps in a Screencast (see the online version of this article at sunprairiestar.com for the PDF and to watch the video) but emphasized professional development and planning that has gone into the move of staff from one building to another.

That move includes moving ninth grade into both Sun Prairie East and West high schools; the reconfiguration of Cardinal Heights Upper Middle School into Central Heights Middle School, and the move of staff and furniture from Sun Prairie East to Sun Prairie West High School.

The district is scheduled to take occupancy of the new Sun Prairie West High School on Aug. 1, with any moves beginning Aug. 15, although Director of Facilities and Grounds Kevin Sukow said occupancy depends on when the permit is obtained from the City of Sun Prairie and other factors.

National Veterans and Military Families Month proclamation adopted

After it was read aloud, a proclamation honoring National Veterans and Military Families Month received unanimous support — with two board members absent — of the Sun Prairie School Board on Nov. 8.

The proclamation said 2.6 million military families each year face separation from loved ones for extended periods of time with little to no communication. National Veterans and Military Families Month was established in 1996 by the Armed Forces YMCA “to honor those that know what service means, and those that makes sacrifices alongside fellow service members in everyday life,” according to the proclamation.

The proclamation recognizes the sacrifice service members make while deployed, and the sacrifices their family members make in supporting them.

“The Sun Prairie Area School District is proud and honored to recognize the contributions of Veterans, Military Members and their families from our community and throughout the nation,” the proclamation reads.

The proclamation points out “Veterans, Military Members and their families that we honor today and every day throughout the year have provided the highest level of service to community and country” and that “we owe a profound debt of gratitude to the Veterans who left the comfort and safety of their homes and families to serve here and abroad to ensure the democracy we enjoy now continues into the future.”

Board Vice President Bryn Horton and Shelley Joan Weiss — featured in the We Shall Not Forget special veterans publication in the Nov. 12 issue of the Sun Prairie Star — authored the proclamation.

The board adopted the proclamation, with student board member Carson Schmoldt allowed to vote, unanimously with Student Board Member Sarah Rhoads and Board Member Alwyn Foster absent.

Bullying Task Force update provided

The board was able to review a Screencast of administration providing an update about the recommendations being implemented from the district’s Student Behavior and Bullying Task Force (see the online version of this article for the Screencast and accompanying PDF). Parents were sent an email on Friday, Nov. 5, but the Sun Prairie Star received no such email with the update.

Horton asked if the update could be shared with members of the task force, some of whom no longer have school-aged children. Administration agreed to send them the email sent to parents.

No board action was required because it was an update for the board and administration.

Weber: Adaptive Response to Learner Needs

workshop ‘not very workshoppy’

Sun Prairie School Board Governance Officer Tom Weber pointed out a board workshop about Adaptive Response to Learner Needs presented by several instructional staffers was not done in the spirit of previous board workshops.

Past workshops have allowed more back-and-forth, with board members walking around the room to different stations and the ability to ask presenters questions in a more informal setting.

The workshop presentation at the Nov. 8 meeting included a question-and-answer session about what has been happening districtwide with Adaptive Response to Learner Needs (see the Screencast and PDF with this article online at sunprairiestar.com).

Board President Steve Schroeder told Weber it was done on purpose because of the size of the agenda. Reminding board members that the goal was to keep the meeting to two hours or fewer — and with the Nov. 8 meeting approaching 2.5 hours — Schroeder said he made the conscious decision to ask for a Screencast and allow for questions and answers without a more formal presentation or stations by panelists.

Board Clerk Carol Albright disagreed with Weber during the board evaluation. She said she liked the Screencast better, especially the read-along session. She said she got more out of this one than other workshops in the past.

“I come from a different point of view,” Albright said, adding that she took notes during the video presentation.

Schroeder asked for direction from the board about what the board members want. “What form will work best for you — all of us, not just Tom,” Schroeder said.

“But if we’re going to workshop,”Weber said, “we need to workshop.”

Board members took no action about future board workshops or their format.

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