Trees cut down to make way for sidewalks

Sun Prairie resident Judy Thompson said it was sad to see the tree in her yard cut down but she supports the sidewalk project in her neighborhood.

The City of Sun Prairie started a sidewalk installation project last week in one of the city’s older neighborhoods, cutting down decades-old trees.

The trees came down on Miller Street and Trapp Street with one neighborhood resident calling into the Star office saying it looked like a “war zone.”

Other residents welcomed the sidewalks for the safety of neighborhood children and walkers.

The city’s street reconstruction project will include sidewalks, new asphalt pavement, water mains and storm sewer extensions.

The project is expected to be complete in mid-August.

Judy Thompson said a tree in her yard that has been around since the 1960s had to be cut down to make way for the project. “It’s sad about the trees,” Thompson said. “But I’m a walker and sidewalks are safer than being in the street.”

The city allowed Thompson to pick a replacement tree and she chose a sugar maple.

The city’s policy is to put sidewalks in during new construction and street reconstruction projects. Supporters say sidewalks are safer for children and pedestrians, opponents find sidewalks unnecessary in some cases and decry the destruction to trees.

--By Jennifer Fetterly

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