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Sun Prairie alders approved Mayor Paul Esser’s appointments to most standing city committees, boards and commissions as part of the Sun Prairie City Council’s May 5 agenda.

Alder committee appointments for the 2020-21 term will be as follows:

Finance Committee — District 4 Alder Al Guyant, chair; District 2 Alder Bob Jokisch and District 3 Alder Mike Jacobs. Citizen appointees Tom Brandt and Anton Klemme have been reappointed to their terms to serve until 2021.

Public Works — District 1 Alder Steve Stocker, chair; District 1 Alder Terry McIlroy and Council President Mary Polenske. Esser also reappointed citizen members Bryant Stempski and Kelvin Santiago to 2021.

Personnel — District 2 Alder Theresa Stevens, Chair; Jokisch and Jacobs. Citizen reappointments will include Faustina Bohling and Joy Matthews until 2021.

Public Safety — District 3 Alder Maureen Crombie, chair; Polenske and McIlroy. Esser also reappointed Evelyn Cruz and Matt Harms to serve until 2021. Harms also received a re-appointment to the Sun Prairie ICE Board, until 2024.

Although she is serving the 2020-21 term as council president, Polenske will continue her appointment to be council liaison to the Business Improvement District (BID) Board. Esser will solidify other BID Board appointments on May 19.

Stocker will serve as Colonial Club liaison and be the mayor’s appointee to the Sun Prairie Plan Commission. Also on the plan commission, Esser reappointed County Board Chair and Sun Prairie County Board Supervisor Analiese Eicher to 2024; Barbara Bailey to represent the Parks, Recreation and Forestry Commission and Sun Prairie School Board member Dave Hoekstra to 2021.

Jokisch will be the Community Development Authority Advisory Board appointee and Sun Prairie School Board liaison. Also appointed to the CDA Board will be Tania Ibarra to 2024, Harry Ripp to 2022 and Jerry Ruffin to 2023.

Guyant will be the Community Schools Liaison and serve on the Transit Commission. Also appointed to the Transit Commission will be citizen members Christopher Clinton to 2023 and Rhonda Page to 2021.

Council Vice President Stevens will be the council appointment to the Fire Advisory Board, the Sun Prairie Library Board and the Sun Prairie Media Center board. Also reappointed to the Media Center Board were the mayor’s wife, Carol Esser, and 46th Assembly Rep. Gary Hebl to serve until 2023.

Crombie will continue her appointment to the Parks, Recreation and Forestry Commission as well as the council appointee to the Sun Prairie Plan Commission. She is also the council appointee to the Youth & Family Commission.

Jacobs is chairing his own Sustainability Task Force and will be the appointee to the Tourism Commission as well as the council appointee to the Sun Prairie Utilities Commission. Mayor Paul Esser has appointed himself as the mayoral appointment to the commission. They will join reappointed SPU Commissioner John Andres, who will serve until 2025.

Sustainability Task Force appointments OK’d

As part of the council’s May 5 Consent Agenda, alders approved appointments to the Sustainability Task Force, including:

Frederick McConnell, vice president of lending for Madison Development Corp., joins Sun Prairie Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Amy Skicki; chemist Heather Barkholtz; Landfill Drilling & Piping Project Manager Ava Lombardino; scientist Jay Chatterjee;

Apex Clean Energy Government and Regulatory Affairs Manager Chris Kunkle, Midwest Renewable Energy Corp. Program Manager Amanda Schienebeck, retiree Gary Haltaufterheide, Galvanacar LLC owner Lee Gasper-Galvin and retired Rev. Sue Larson.

Other appointments

David Edwards, a Global EHS manager, has been named to the Alcohol License Review Board to replace Brian Berninger to 2022. Esser also reappointed Pam Klute to serve on the ALRB until 2025.

The Board of Review, which handles appeals of property assessments in the City of Sun Prairie, received several new appointees, including recent aldermanic candidates David Virgell (District 4), and Hugh Cha (District 3). Esser also reappointed Donna Bemis until 2025.

The Board of Zoning Appeals, which handles zoning disputes in the city, will include reappointees Jeanne Gerg and Jo Kiesow until 2023, new appointee and former District 2 alder candidate Brent Eisberner to 2021 and real estate broker Bill Baker to 2022.

Kyle Uttech, who sought appointment to the city council as District 1 alder, received an appointment to the Sun Prairie Historical Library & Museum Board. Erica Beckman, owner of Right Bauer Brewing and Evoke and Lead Lab Coordinator at MATC, also received an appointment to serve on the board. Reappointees include Dan Callies and Mike Cunningham until 2023, Esser and Shana Lovings until 2021.

Skicki received an appointment to serve on the Sun Prairie Tourism Commission. Esser also reappointed Chris Augustine, Jerry Beecher, and Mark Gonwa to serve on the commission until 2021.

Sun Prairie Area School District student Katina Maclin will serve on the Sun Prairie Youth and Families Commission. Also appointed to the commission were Mary Ellen Havel-Lang, Thedora Smith and Jeanne Wellman until 2023. Student appointees for a one-year term will be reappointees Leela Bourenane, Chastity Collins, Sam Darga and Jett Maertz until 2021.

The Sun Prairie Library Board will include reappointees Heather Barkholtz, Mark Chin and Rohit Vaidya until 2023, as well as Mary Bell and Sandy Pittelli until 2021.

The Sun Prairie Parks, Recreation and Forestry Commission will include reappointees Barbara Bailey and Kathryn Piela until 2024, and Dale Wiessinger until 2021.

Esser reappointed Luke Rollins and Jerry Ruffin to serve on the Joint Review Board until 2024.

Scott Faust was reappointed to the Sun Prairie Police Commission until 2025.

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