Of 16,497 utility bills mailed in November, Sun Prairie Utilities (SPU) has 15.47%, or 2,552, late penalty accounts. That represents a 275.29% increase from October’s 680 late penalty accounts.

Those figures were made available to the Sun Prairie Utilities Commission for its Nov. 16 meeting.

Other notable figures:

Customers in arrears — In November, SPU has 968 customers in arrears with a total amount due of $534,174., Of that amount, $207,675 is considered “current” at 0-30 days due, while 31-60 day totals are $123,301, 61-90 days at $70,111 and $133,087 is for customers whose bills are 91 days and beyond.

Not the most — While the 968 customers for November remains a significant number, it is less than the number of past due customers in some peak months of the COVID-19 pandemic.

A total of 1,178 customers were past due in March with a total past due of $683,791.

That total for November is not the most in terms of dollars owed. November’s total is exceeded by June 2020, when 796 customers in arrears owed $691,495.

DNR approves investigational well site near Sun Prairie High School

In other documents made available for the SPU Commission, the Department of Natural Resources has granted conditional approval for proposed Well #10 near Sun Prairie High School, 888 Grove St.

The proposed well site is located south of the Sun Prairie High School parking lot. The property is located to the southwest of the intersection of Grove Street and Educator Lane and access to the well site will be off of Educator Lane. SPU previously announced plans to construct an outdoor classroom at the well site in cooperation with the Sun Prairie Area School District.

The property is currently owned by the SPASD, and SPU intends to develop a long term lease for the property with the SPASD.

The well site is currently and has historically been used as an agricultural field. The well site is rectangular with approximate dimensions of 150 feet by 150 feet. The final well will be located 50 feet south of the north property boundary and 75 feet west of the east property boundary.

The nearest well is SPU Well No. 3 which is approximately 1 mile to the north, and the nearest well serving another utility is located approximately 4.73 miles to the south in the Village of Cottage Grove. It is not believed that the proposed well will have an adverse effect on any nearby wells owned by a water utility.

The final well construction will be determined based on the water quality and quantity results of the test well.

“The department is not approving the construction of the final well at this time,” wrote McCrea Baker from the DNR’s Public Water Engineering Section Bureau of Drinking Water and Groundwater.

The SPU water system consists of seven groundwater wells, three elevated storage tanks, three ground storage reservoirs, and a distribution system. The distribution system consists of two pressure zones. Wells No. 4, 5, 6, 7, and 9 supply water to the high-pressure zone, and Wells No. 3 and 8 supply water to the low-pressure zone. The construction of an additional water supply is proposed to meet firm capacity for the low-pressure zone, according to the DNR letter issued to the commission.

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