Mike Steffes (2020)

Sun Prairie Police Chief Mike Steffes was among the 9/11 Ceremony speakers near the Cory Barr Memorial in downtown Sun Prairie on Friday, Sept. 11, 2020.

Chief Michael Steffes was recently elected to be Thirrd Vice President of the Wisconsin Chiefs of Police Association (WCPA) and Vice President of the Dane County Chiefs of Police Association.

Both roles are successive, meaning Steffes will assume the position of President of WCPA in 2024 and President of the Dane County Chiefs of Police Association next year.

“I am honored to be elected and look forward to serving alongside talented and dedicated professionals who are committed to providing the highest quality of service to those we serve,” Steffes said.

The WCPA was formed in 1907 and is the public voice on social and professional issues for law enforcement. The association consists of 758 total members and is comprised of Principal Members, Associate Members and Life, Retired, Out of State Retired and Affiliate Members. Steffes will be the first Vice President and President from the City of Sun Prairie.

As Vice President of the Dane County Chiefs of Police Association, Steffes will assist the president in presiding over monthly association meetings, directing the activities of the Executive Committee, and setting the monthly meeting agenda. He will also be regularly involved in local, county and state level issues affecting the law enforcement community and serves as the association president’s designee in his or her absence.

“We are pleased Chief Steffes will be serving in a leadership capacity at both the regional and local level,” remarked City Administrator Aaron Oppenheimer. “His dedication to the Sun Prairie community and his profession is evident and we are grateful for his leadership.”

The mission of the Wisconsin Chiefs of Police Association, Inc. is to be the public voice on social and professional issues for law enforcement; to be a resource to its members; to make training available regarding the state-of-the-art concepts in policing; to be a legislative advocate for law enforcement; to provide representation for the general good of law enforcement at the local, state, and federal levels; to provide open communications with members and the public; to ensure the organization, as the beacon for Wisconsin law enforcement; embodies the highest level of integrity and honesty; and embraces moral and ethical behavior emanating from the principles found in the law enforcement code of ethics.

The WCPA seeks not to dictate the operation of its member agencies, but intends to enlighten and provoke thought, thereby enhancing public service to all citizens of Wisconsin. The WCPA also promotes social welfare and operates to further the common good and general welfare of all citizens in Wisconsin. The organization will be one in which all members can take pride.

The objective and purpose of the Dane County Chiefs of Police Association is to establish the highest degree of cooperation among primary, associate and affiliate law enforcement agencies in Dane County to promote the professionalism of law enforcement and public safety, exchange information, put forward better methods of administration, and protect the welfare and interests of the association.

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