Action taken on Tuesday, Feb. 16 clears the way for a new Hy-Vee grocery store and Fast & Fresh Convenience Store and Gas Station as the first tenant of the Pumpkin Patch Shopping District.

Acting on a recommendation by the Sun Prairie Plan Commission, alders on Tuesday voted unanimously to approve the precise implementation plan for both Hy-Vee items.

The approval Hy-Vee Inc. to construct a 92,200 sq. ft. full service Hy-Vee Grocery Store and a 6,700 sq. ft. Fast and Fresh Convenience Store and fuel station south of West Main Street and west of South Thompson Road. Construction would begin on both stores during the fall months later this year, with expected completion in 2022.

The grocery store will accommodate several service uses other than grocery, including a pharmacy, health market with dietician, and coffee kiosk as well as a restaurant, food court, clothing, shoes, and beauty supplies.

A covered drive thru service for pharmacy and Aisles Online grocery pickup is provided to the rear of the building along with all loading for deliveries and trash collection.

Vehicular access to the Hy-Vee grocery store is provided off single entry points on Mallard Drive to the west and Blue Aster Boulevard to the south. Three separate entry points are anticipated to the east off of a proposed public road extension of Schneider Road, including one at the intersection of Schneider Road and Pumpkin Place.

Pedestrian sidewalks to the front customer entrances are provided along the access points from Mallard Drive, Blue Aster Boulevard, and the intersection with Pumpkin Place and Schneider Road. Bike parking is provided adjacent the front customer entrances.

The Hy-Vee Fast & Fresh Convenience Store will accommodate dine in and carry out meals and grocery, a coffee shop with drive-thru service, and a fueling station for eight fuel pumps. Vehicular access to the Hy-Vee convenience store is provided off single entry points on the future Spice Lane to the south and Schneider Road to the west. Pedestrian sidewalks are provided connecting customers from the front entrance to Schneider Road and Thompson Road.

Anticipated hours of operation for both stores is 5 a.m. to midnight, seven days a week, with fuel pumps being available 24 hours per day.

The grocery store will have roughly 400 employees — 100 being hired full time — while the convenience store will have a maximum of 10 employees per shift. Each site will include one 300 sq. ft. group monument sign identifying the Pumpkin Patch Commercial Shopping District.

The PIP stipulates off-street parking will be regulated by city ordinance. Off-street parking provided for both sites meets a ratio of roughly five stalls per 1,000 square feet, which exceeds the city’s requirements for general commercial uses and where in-vehicle sales and service uses (drive-thru facilities) are included as an accessory use. Several parking stalls for the grocery store are reserved for vertical wind turbine/electric vehicle charging stations.

The Fast & Fresh Convenience Store includes a drive-thru lane to the rear of the site along the north side of the building, adjacent to West Main Street.

Mini-warehouses approved

As part of the council’s consent agenda, alders approved a rezoning and a conditional use permit (CUP) to allow mini warehouses on property located at 395 Marshview Drive.

The project includes traditional mini-warehouses as well as a climate controlled office facility.

A 6-foot high aluminized chain link security fence with one additional foot of barbed wire at the top will be installed around the development.

The developer is Michael Hanna, who has developed and rented other mini warehouses at 515 Marshview Drive.

Edmonton Drive commercial building OK’d

Acting on a plan commission recommendation, the council voted to approve a multi-tenant commercial building as part of a Group Development at 3140 Edmonton Drive — behind Gus’ Diner.

The parcel has been previously developed with an approximately 9,800 sq. ft. multi-tenant commercial/office building. The applicant, TJK Design Build, proposed the construction of a 5,013 sq. ft. multi-tenant commercial/office structure north of the existing building.

The building has been designed with four-sided architecture due to the prominence of the structure in its proposed location.

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