Paul Watkins

Paul Watkins

The City of Sun Prairie saved at least $15,319 per year thanks to a 36-month agreement approved Tuesday, Nov. 28 with TDS for PRI Voice Service.

According to a memo from Information Technology Director Paul Watkins, The City of Sun Prairie relies on PRI Voice service to provide telephony to the city’s Cisco Voice Over IP (VOIP) phone system. The service was provided by Frontier Communications at a monthly cost exceeding $2,000.

“Upon reaching out to both Frontier and TDS to find the best value for service, TDS proposed a 36-month PRI Service Agreement providing PRI service levels comparable to what the city has today while also adding a 100MB High Speed Internet connection to the Westside Community Building for $688.84 per month with anticipated surcharges and fees making the estimated monthly total for PRI Voice service at $723.39,” Watkins wrote in a Nov. 28 memo to alders.

The transition should have minimal impact to city operations and has an added benefit of providing enhanced disaster recovery possibilities for IT infrastructure, Watkins added.

Alders approved the 36-month transfer of service from Frontier to TDS.

Frontier has a regional office located at 100 Communications Drive in Sun Prairie.

Settlement approved

Without discussion, alders on Nov. 28 also approved a $27,500 settlement with Kristina Vaccaro.

The settlement agreement offers no explanation and requires that neither party discuss the details of the case, but the settlement document states Vaccaro claimed her civil rights were violated by the city.

The settlement was signed Nov. 7 by Vaccaro and Nov. 8 by the Gunta Law Firm, representing the City of Sun Prairie.

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