Dan Presser on Sun Prairie In Focus

Sun Prairie resident Dan Presser anchors “Sun Prairie In Focus,” a weekly newscast on Sun Prairie Media Center channel 983, KSUN. The program also airs weekly on 103.5 FM The Sun Community Radio.

The Sun Prairie Media Center recently launched a new weekly newscast entitled “Sun Prairie In Focus.” The newscast is produced and anchored by former WKOW-TV reporter/anchor and current Sun Prairie resident Dan Presser.

The goal of “Sun Prairie In Focus” is to highlight the city’s weekly news and events in an entertaining, easily-digestible format. While the Sun Prairie Media Center is closed, Presser is anchoring the segments from his house but looks forward to being able to use the SPMC studios soon.

Presser said he is excited about the program. “I’m doing this because I think there’s a place for a local broadcast news program in Sun Prairie,” said Presser. “With the Sun Prairie Media Center, we have an excellent resource for producing original programming, including a news broadcast like In Focus. We’re fortunate because we have an excellent local newspaper in The Sun Prairie Star. The journalists there do a wonderful job of covering our area. TV news is different, though. It’s not going to give you every detail. But it can deliver news in an easily digestible format, with visuals, sound, and emotion.”

SPMC director Jeff Robbins is also pleased.

“I’ve wanted to get something like this off the ground for a while, and Dan made it come together remarkably smoothly,” said Robbins. “Dan’s great to work with and the content’s been super from the first episode on. His experience has brought instant credibility to the program and I think people have liked it so far. The most recent episode has reached 3,800 people on Facebook alone.”

When asked about the potential for the program, Presser said he wants Sun Prairie In Focus to be another way for people to connect with what’s happening in the community.

“Plus,” Presser added, “I’m hoping I can use my 15 years of TV news experience to help develop the next generation of broadcast journalists. This is fun for me.”

Individuals with story ideas should e-mail spmcinfocus@gmail.com.

New episodes are uploaded every Monday afternoon to the Media Center on demand player at sunprairiemediacenter.com/ksun-on-demand as well as the new Sun Prairie Media Center app. The episodes also premiere on KSUN Mondays at 9 p.m. and on 103.5 FM Tuesdays at 2 PM and are rerun frequently on both stations during the week.

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