Road work ahead

The City of Sun Prairie's Wyoming Avenue reconstruction project is nearly complete, according to city staff engineer Clint Christenson.

As of Tuesday Sept. 14, Christenson said the contractor will be installing the pavement markings on Wednesday, Sept. 15.

"This will complete the project with the exception of planting replacement trees on private property," Christenson told residents via email. "This should occur in the next few weeks."

The city has also sent a tips sheet for caring for the newly restored lawn areas.

"I recommend watering the newly seeded areas as this will pay huge dividends in the success of the grass germination," Christenson advised.

"Also, please mow as soon as the grass grows to a height of three inches," Christenson added. "This will help keep the annual weeds in check and keep them from going to seed and reappearing next spring. There is a one-year warranty on the restoration, we will assess the grass catch again in the spring to determine if the contractor will need to touch up areas that grass did not catch."

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