Sun Prairie student charged after allegedly threatening school administrator

Sun Prairie High School students and staff were put on “a hold” Oct. 7 after a teen reportedly threatened a staff members on Snapchat. Devin R. Grob was charged Tuesday with disorderly conduct in connection with the incident.

A 17-year-old teen was charged with disorderly conduct after allegedly threatening a school dean on Snapchat.

Devin R. Grob was charged Tuesday, Oct. 12, in Dane County Circuit Court. He is scheduled for an initial appearance on Nov. 1.

On Oct. 7, a Sun Prairie teacher reported to the school liaison officer that a Snapchat account reportedly belonging to Grob showed him holding a handgun and was in a room that had tile similar to the high school, according to the criminal complaint.

Grob’s Snapchat timeline also reportedly showed a traffic citation that Grob recently received and another picture of a room, illuminated in red, with a school staff member’s name. The caption read: “wait so u telling me I got suspended bc one of the deans saw me driving around last night?” and “F--k u Mr. … or however the f--k you spell it, u a goofy b--ch.”

Sun Prairie Police reported that Grob was involved in an incident on Oct. 6 on the 600 block of Granite Way in the City of Sun Prairie. A woman told police juveniles came to her house and wanted to fight her son. Police identified Grob as the driver of the van. Police report that the same day, Grob drove the same vehicle to a Town of Sun Prairie residence and attempted to fight another juvenile there, according to the criminal complaint.

A Sun Prairie administrator notified Grob’s father to keep Grob home from school on Thursday, Oct. 7 until school staff could determine which students were involved with the Oct. 6 incidents, according to the criminal complaint.

When Grob was allowed back in school later that day, the school liaison officer notified staff of Grob’s Snapchat story and a decision was made to “go into a hold” to keep students and staff in their classrooms until Grob could be found.

The police liaison officer located Grob and asked him about the handgun in his Snapchat story. Grob told the officer that he took the photo of himself holding the gun and posted it on Snapchat story because he thought it would be cool. He told police had no intent to scare or intimidate anyone. Grob said the gun was a Beretta and was at his mother’s boyfriend’s apartment.

Grob faces up to 90 days in jail and/or a $1,000 fine, if convicted of the disorderly conduct charge.

Sun Prairie school officials alerted parents and guardians of the Oct. 7 incident. Sun Prairie Area School District Communications and Engagement Officer Patti Lux-Weber said students and staff were not in danger but the secure hold procedure was put into place from 11:20 a.m.-12:12 p.m. until the situation could be resolved.

“The Sun Prairie Area School District takes the safety of its students and staff very seriously and encourages caregivers to speak with their students about the importance of alerting an adult any time they see a threat of violence on social media,” Lux-Weber wrote in an Oct. 7 press release.

School officials dealt with another threat incident on Oct. 5.

Sun Prairie Police reported a 16-year-old female student refused to comply with SPEHS staff directives and allegedly said she was going to bring a gun to school and shoot staff. Lt. Ryan Cox said the female left school with her mother and police have not been able to get a statement from the teen about the threat because of uncooperative parents. The teen was referred to the Dane County District Attorney’s Office.

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