Harms Insurance Group of Sun Prairie and Lake Mills recently added six new owners at the start of 2021, marking the beginning of a new partnership between agency owner Matt Harms and longtime agency employees.

In a surprise announcement,Harms told six of his employees, “I value the work you’ve all put into the agency over the past many years and want to make all of you agency owners.”

Staff turnover is low, and the six new agency owners have a combined tenure of 126 years — the least-tenured owner having been with the agency for 11 — with Harms Insurance Group.

Newer employees may become eligible for the same once they reach 10 years of employment.

New junior partners with Matt Harms include Lu Anne Wood, Senior Commercial Lines Account Manager (34 years), Kathy Forest, Benefits Account Executive (23 years), Laurie Stocker, Administration/Accounting (21 years), Brenda Heilman, Senior Personal Lines Account Manager (20 years), Nicole Waerzeggers, Commercial Lines Account Manager (17 years), and Jeff Lederman, Commercial Account Executive (11 years).

Harms Insurance Group has been an independent insurance agency since 1984, with offices in both Sun Prairie and Lake Mills. For more, visit online at www.harmsinsurancegroup.com.

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