Sun Prairie Historical Museum is orchestrating a collaboration of various city departments working in conjunction with local businesses and restaurants to bring 200 lucky participants, the Fun Prairie Historical Scavenger Race on Saturday, July 31, 2021.

This Scavenger Race, designed for teams of two adults, takes contestants to multiple Sun Prairie locations where they solve puzzles and complete tasks as quickly as possible. The first place winning team takes home $1,000, while second place wins $500 and third place wins $250.

The socially distant game, conceived during the COVID-19 lockdown, uses QR Codes to start an activity clock and photos of completed tasks to end an activity time. By timing only the activities, contestants have no need to speed down Main Street and instead, it gives them an opportunity to stop in for lunch or check out a shop they have never been to.

A total of 100 tickets will go on sale Tuesday, July 6 at .

The entry fee for a team of two adults costs $80 and a phone with the ability to send photos and videos is required to play. All proceeds go to the Sun Prairie Water Tower Historic Preservation Fund to help repair the historic landmark, built in 1899.

The Scavenger Race event is part of the “Fun Prairie” marketing campaign celebrating the National Parks & Recreation Month. Sun Prairie Mayor Paul Esser proclaimed during a recent Sun Prairie City Council meeting the city’s name would be changed from Sun Prairie to “Fun Prairie” for the month of July.

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