SPHS Pool (2020)

The pool at Sun Prairie High School has been drained and acid washed. Broken tiles will be replaced in the next few weeks and the deck will be deep cleaned, according to SPHS Aquatics Manager Kirsten Vetterli.

The Sun Prairie Area School District (SPASD) will be conducting millions of dollars of capital projects in district facilities this summer and has already completed some projects in Sun Prairie schools, according to workshop materials provided to the Sun Prairie School Board last week.

SPASD Director of Facilities & Grounds Kevin Sukow presented the information to board members on Monday, April 13 along with remarks from some of the building maintenance staff during the board’s first YouTube meeting hosted through Zoom.

Planned projects for this summer include:

• Window replacement at Patrick Marsh and Prairie View middle schools;

• Public Address System replacement at PMMS and PVMS;

• Boiler replacement at both middle schools;

• Locker replacements at CH Bird, Eastside, Northside, Royal Oaks and Westside elementary schools; and

• Tile Floor installation at CH Bird.

Those projects are in addition to chalkboard removal, installation of a personalized learning door, and partial replacement of two sections of roof at CH Bird, as well as tile floor and cafeteria medications, replacing electrical panels, partial roof replacement and installation of a window at Royal Oaks Elementary.

In addition, Equity Projects from $2 million in funds saved from the construction of Meadow View and Token Springs elementary school construction include the following:

• Painting and Flooring replacement at CHB, ES, NS and WS;

• Furniture ;

• Library remodeling projects at CHB, NS and WS;

• Signage.

A report from newly appointed Sun Prairie High School Aquatics Manager Kirsten Vetterli shows that projects are also under way there. A new Clear Comfort UV system has been installed, and the pool has switched from a liquid chlorine to a Cal Hypo briquet system.

“Due to the current situation of things with COVID 19 we are way ahead of this year’s maintenance plan,” Vetterli wrote in her report presented as part of the workshop. The pool has been drained and acid-washed, which is done roughly every five to seven years to allow maintenance on the pool floor. Broken tiles will be replaced during the next few weeks, and the pool deck will be deep cleaned, according to Vetterli’s report.

Next year’s plan calls for offering more swim lessons and placing new starting blocks for swim meets (the pool hosts about 24 school and swim club meets a year in addition to physical education and lifeguard classes) in the budget, and to “keep the pool as busy as it has been!” That will require building more relationships with staff, students and the community, according to Vetterli’s report.

COVID-19 actions taken

Sukow’s report also detailed actions taken by Facilities and Grounds staffers in the wake of the coronavirus, or COVID-19, shutdown, including working with the City of Sun Prairie to host the city’s only polling location due to the COVID-19 pandemic:


• Worked with SPASD vendors to order in and receive PPE and chemicals very early on to ensure we had materials on hand

• Ensured chemicals SPASD staffers were using had kill claims against the novel coronavirus; and

• Trained staff on how to properly utilize the chemicals to sanitize hard surfaces.

Shutdown Operations

• Maintaining a minimum crew on to support daily operations as well as provide building checks and support building needs;

• Each Lead Day Custodian spends one day a week in their building performing custodial duties;

• Grounds crew still performing landscaping and grounds maintenance at half crews, working at safe distances; and

• Supported voting at Sun Prairie High School, working in collaboration with the City of Sun Prairie.

The Facilities and Ground Department at SPASD employs 86.3 full time equivalent (FTE) positions, including 9 FTE administrative support staffers, 76.3 FTE support staffers and Sukow. The staff maintains 14 schools, 1.9 million square feet and 363 acres of land.

Reach Sukow by email at kcsukow@sunprairieschools.org

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