Winter driving

Wintry weather could lead to hazardous travel conditions, so the Sun Prairie Police Department (SPPD) is advising motorists to drive carefully.

The Sun Prairie Police Department (SPPD) is reminding motorists to be prepared for winter conditions that could threaten their safety.

During the winter months of November 2018 — April 2019, Sgt. Jason Lefeber of the SPPD said the department received more than 500 reports of traffic crashes.

“We urge everyone to plan your travels, prepare your vehicle, and be aware of conditions,” Lefeber said.

Ready Wisconsin, part of the Wisconsin Emergency Management Team, provides a great deal of information on winter weather safety. A list of items for an emergency winter kit is available on the ReadyWisconsin website at

Remember to check for road closings prior to traveling. You can also sign up for SPPD Nixel alerts to stay up to date on emergencies in the Sun Prairie area by going to the SPPD website at, as well as follow on Twitter and Facebook.

Other important tips include:

• Plan your travels and check weather reports. Tell people where you are traveling.

• Be gentle with both the accelerator and brake. Don’t use cruise control. Don’t be overconfident in four-wheel drive vehicles.

• Carry your emergency kit in the back seat of the vehicle (in case the trunk freezes)

• Keep your gas tank at least half full to avoid ice in the tank and fuel lines.

• Put together a home winter emergency kit including first-aid supplies, water, etc.

• Check your carbon monoxide detector.

• Make sure your pets have shelter and plenty of food and water. They should be brought inside when the temperatures reach 30°F with wind chill.

“Now is the time to winterize your car and home, gather items for an emergency kit in your car,” Lefeber added, “and make sure you have a weather radio with fresh batteries.”

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