Melissa Sargent (D-Madison) recently announced an endorsement from Brenda Yang for her candidacy for Wisconsin’s 16th Senate District.

“Today I am proud to announce a campaign endorsement from Brenda Yang, who takes her passion for providing youth access to higher education through her work with Upward Bound at East High School and the City of Madison in providing language access to the Hmong Community. She also serves her Sun Prairie Community in helping elected officials by bringing about diversity and cultural awareness to the City of Sun Prairie through her expertise, she also sits on Madison School Board’s Superintendent’s Human Advisory Council,” said Sargent.

Yang is a current graduate student at UW-Madison’s School of Education and has served as a board member for the Hmong Institute in Madison for nearly four years.

Prior to her service on the board, Yang aided in The Institute’s Hmong Learning Cultural Enrichment Program and other programs catering specifically towards education and cultural competency in public schools. The Hmong Institute’s mission seeks to empower their community through educating, preserving, and promoting the Hmong heritage. As The Institute fosters innovative leaders, Yang has supported this work through the Hmong Learning Cultural Enrichment Program, her service on the board and on the Madison School Board’s Superintendent’s Human Advisory Council for the past five years.

“Melissa always seeks to create a more inclusive and accepting Wisconsin through all of her work in the Capitol. She continuously pushes her colleagues on both sides of the aisle to consider how our state can do more to ensure all residents are best served in all aspects of their lives. As a future educator I am proud to announce my support for Melissa Sargent and to see what her success will bring to the Hmong community,” said Yang.

“It is my honor to be endorsed by Brenda. Her pursuit of excellence, from her work in graduate school to her support of the Hmong community is inspiration, and I am grateful for her support,” said Sargent.

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