A deteriorating stretch of Town Hall Drive between State Highway 19 and Gas Light Drive will be repaired before snow falls.

The $59,783 repair job will put down asphalt, overlay and shoulder the roadway with gravel.

City officials say that the condition of Town Hall Drive has been rapidly deteriorating with nearby construction, traffic from residential development and commuter traffic. A new Habitat for Humanity site is also expected to increase traffic on the roadway.

Town Hall Drive is under the control of multiple municipalities, including the Town of Sun Prairie, Town of Bristol and the City of Sun Prairie.

The city is working with the Town of Sun Prairie to transfer the jurisdiction of that town’s portion to the city. Sun Prairie Public Works Director Adam Schleicher said the town has agreed to the method of transfer and the town board is expected to adopt the resolution later this month.

The repair of the roadway will start this fall and be completed before winter. The roadway is set to be reconstructed in 2026 and the repair will hold the road until then, Schleicher said.

The Public Works Committee on Tuesday approved the bid from Payne & Dolan to do the repair.

District 1 Alder and Public Works Committee member Steve Stocker supported the repair, saying it would be a “Band-aid” to maintain the roadway until reconstruction can be done. He said numerous resident shave contacted him complaining about the road’s conditions.

In 2017, the City of Sun Prairie ended an agreement with the Town of Sun Prairie to snowplow and fill pot holes on Town Hall Drive from State Highway 19 north to the end of the road. City officials said at the time that the 11-year agreement no longer served a purpose and that it didn’t make sense that the town was getting state road aids while the city was maintaining the portion of those roads.

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