Dogs on leashes

The City of Sun Prairie wants the public’s opinion on whether a second park area in the city should literally go to the dogs.

The Sun Prairie Parks, Recreation and Forestry (SPPRF) Department is seeking public input on a potential second dog park in Sun Prairie.

The SPPRF Commission met on Wednesday, June 17 to discuss potential options to address the growing interest of a second dog park as part of the city’s park system.

A second dog park was originally planned to be put in the new Reserve neighborhood’s park, but was ultimately eliminated from the plan due to size constraints, fit with the proposed park usage and community input.

Frustrated alders sought the opportunity to allow public input on a second dog park, especially after promising a dog park would be located on the west side, and after fundraisers have raised money towards a second dog park.

Sun Prairie Parks and Open Space Plan 2017-22 document contains a specific recommendation for a second dog park (referred to in the plan as a Pet Exercise Area) “south of Egre Road, near the Village of Windsor, on land currently designated as park land.”

The SPPRF Commission has been evaluating alternative options. Parks and Forestry Division Manager Joleen Stinson and SPPRF Director Kristin Grissom developed a list of five potential solutions ranging from $75,000 to $900,000 to address the interest in a second dog park.

The options include:

• Finding a minimum of 5 acres on the north side of town;

• Utilizing land from a pending land purchase near the existing dog park to develop a long-term, but temporary 15-acre dog park;

• Finding 10-plus acres anywhere in Sun Prairie;

• Developing four to five “micro” dog parks at existing city parks; or

• Enhancing the existing dog park.

The SPPRF Commission has endorsed all options presented, but called for community input to aid in the decision-making process.

The SPPRF Commission is currently looking for the public to weigh in on each option. A list of the options in detail, along with estimated costs can be found at

The survey will be open until Monday, July 6.

The endorsed options along with survey results will be presented to Committee of the Whole on Tuesday, July 7 at 5:30 pm.

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