The City of Sun Prairie is taking initial steps in creating a brand and defining its identity. On July 8, 2021 the city’s Tourism Commission approved a revised plan to begin work of creating that brand.

Before presenting the plan to the commission, research was conducted on Waupaca, Kaukauna, Watertown, and West Allis relating to their own branding or re-branding campaigns.

City Communications and Diversity Strategist Jake King said the information retrieved from this research served as a general framework for anticipated cost and timeframe expectations.

The expected cost for this initiative ranges from $70,000 to $100,000 with a possible timeframe of 12-19 months, but that depends on when a proposal is selected and timing of the brand launch. This will be a multi-phase project with a goal of beginning in December 2021.

King said vendors are required to submit proposals by Friday, Oct. 15.

While the RFP is posted, work on building a Brand Client Team, Brand Steering Committee, and the Brand Stakeholder Committee to oversee the development of this work is beginning now. Although each group will have specific areas of focus, the shared responsibility of all will be to assist in achieving a unifying theme that truly represents Sun Prairie. Once teams and committees are established, the rating, interview, and selection process of proposals begins. The focus of the proposal, King said, includes three components:

• Brand Platform – this includes new city slogan and logo, signage, visual brand language, social media content, and brand champions.

• Execution Plan – addressing what the systematic approach to ensure best results will be between the selected agency and city public officials and employees, private business owners and citizens.

• Comprehensive 3-year marketing strategy – a targeted strategy that includes the use of various types of media, explanation of what messaging will be used and how, and a plan of how effectiveness will be measured.

Community involvement and input will be key throughout this process.

“As we take these steps in defining the City of Sun Prairie brand, it is essential that we are strategic when creating inclusive engagement opportunities for all members of our community to contribute their opinions and ideas,” said Sun Prairie City Administrator Aaron Oppenheimer.

To achieve that outcome of resident participation and representation, a significant amount of planning will be required.

King said engagement efforts may include virtual or in-person meetings, workshops, open houses, social media campaigning, community surveys, site visits, focus groups, and more. Information will be shared through the Sun Prairie Star as sessions are scheduled.

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