Upcoming Sun Prairie School Board meeting schedule

The schedule as listed in the board’s Feb. 24 packet shows the tour and school board meeting at the same time — increasing the likelihood the tour of Ashley Field will take place earlier or be rescheduled.

The Sun Prairie Area School District will spend up to $579,865 to replace lockers at four elementary schools and cubbies at Royal Oaks Elementary thanks to action taken Monday Feb. 24 by the Sun Prairie School Board.

Acting on a recommendation by Sun Prairie Area School District (SPASD) Director of Facilities and Grounds Kevin Sukow, the board voted unanimously to approve the purchase from Marshfield Book and Stationary.

In a report to the board, Sukow wrote the Facilities and Grounds Capital Maintenance Plan identified the need for restoration of the lockers at Westside and C.H. Bird elementaries.

The lockers at Westside were inspected by a contractor specializing in stripping and repainting lockers and found to be beyond the point of what would be economically feasible to do restoration work.

The bottoms of the lockers are susceptible to rust due to years of snow melt from boots and snow gear falling to the bottom and not draining properly due to the bottoms of the lockers being dented and having little to no pitch.

“When the deficiencies were noted on the lockers at Westside and we received the budget for replacement, we started looking at the locker systems in CH Bird, Eastside, Northside and Westside as a whole,” Sukow wrote in his report.

“At all of these schools we found lockers that were exhibiting similar conditions. The wall-hung cubbies at Royal Oaks are also experiencing wear and tear related to age, as well as the effects of being hung on walls that are not structurally designed to bear the weight of them,” Sukow’s report to the board reads. “Seeing as how all five of these schools are the elementary schools that were targeted for equity improvements, it was decided to package all of the locker systems together to create a project that would take advantage of economy of scale.”

Because the maintenance crew has been impressed by the Debourgh lockers installed at Sun Prairie High School, the decision was made to select them as the lockers to be installed at Sun Prairie West High School.

“The Debourgh lockers for the elementary schools will be welded construction with magnetic latches and will have plastic bottom shelves in order to prevent them from rusting out,” Sukow wrote in his report.

Because Marshfield Book and Stationary (MBS) is a sole source supplier for the Debourgh lockers, representatives from MBS met with Sukow and each principal and discussed each building’s needs, both now and in the future. Locker colors, sizing, locations, and total quantities were discussed.

After the information was gathered, MBS prepared shop drawings and solicited quotes for each building, with a design specific to each location incorporating each principal’s requests.

Bird, Northside, Eastside and Westside opted to replace their metal lockers with similar metal lockers, and Royal Oaks decided to replace wall-hung cubbies with floor-mounted laminate cubbies.

Sukow said the funding for this project will come from Referendum Fund 49. The breakdown per school is as follows:

• CH Bird: 585 lockers, 12” wide x 60” tall — $136,220

• Eastside: 460 lockers, 15” wide x 60” tall — $120,010

• Northside: 419 lockers, 15” wide x 60” tall — NTE $ 120,245

• Royal Oaks: 445 HPL cubbies, 12” wide x 60” tall — $81,381

• Westside: 514 lockers, 12” wide x 60” tall — $122,007

The overall per locker price for material and installation labor, including removal and disposal of the old lockers will be a maximum of $239.317 for 2,423 lockers. The total project cost will not exceed $579,865.

By conducting the replacement at the same time, the district will save about $50,000, according to Sukow, who said money for the lockers will come from savings realized from referendum-funded paving projects.

Removal at each school will take three days, followed by two days per school for installation. The work will be done this summer, according to Sukow.

Annual meeting date, budget calendar set

Acting on a recommendation from Director of Business Services and Finance Phil Frei, the board approved a budget calendar and set the date for the annual meeting of the electors to be Oct. 5, 2020.

A motion at the 2019 SPASD annual electors meeting allowed the school board to set the annual meeting date.

The calendar does not vary widely from its 2019 predecessor, according to Frei.

PMMS students lead Pledge of Allegiance

Students from Patrick Marsh Middle School (PMMS) led the Pledge of Allegiance during the board meeting on Monday, Feb. 24.

Odd meeting dates coming up

The board is scheduled to meet on consecutive Mondays, March 9 and 16, because of spring break in the district, which is scheduled for the week of March 30-April 3.

The board’s March 9 meeting will take place beginning at 6 p.m. at Token Springs Elementary, located at 1435 N. Thompson Road, in the Early Learning Center.

The board’s March 16 meeting is scheduled to take place beginning at 6 p.m. in the Council Chambers at the Sun Prairie Municipal Building, located at 300 E. Main, but an error in scheduling the board’s tour of the construction at Ashley Field for the same time and date might push the tour back to 5 p.m.

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