Gov. Tony Evers announced on June 5 his appointment of Jacob Frost as Dane County Circuit Court judge. The appointment fills a vacancy created by the retirement of Judge Richard Niess.

“Frost is an excellent attorney and I am confident he will serve Dane County well as a fair and impartial judge,” said Evers. “He will also bring a unique and much needed perspective to the bench, as an individual with a physical disability and an advocate for folks with disabilities, on how we can work to ensure our courts are accessible and just for all.”

Frost is currently a partner at Boardman & Clark LLP in Madison, where he specializes in civil litigation and family law. He is a member of the firm’s ethics committee. Frost is also the treasurer of the Dane County Bar Association. He previously served as board president of Access to Independence, a nonprofit organization which provides resources, services, and advocacy for people with any type of disability.

“I heartily welcome Jacob Frost to the Dane County Circuit Court,” said Judge Niess. “Frost has appeared repeatedly in Branch 9 over the years on civil and family cases. He is always prepared, efficient, cheerful, helpful, prompt, and respectful to all. His work is thorough, his arguments on point, his command of the applicable law evident, and his demeanor unfailingly pleasant. He will be an asset to the judiciary.”

“I want to thank Governor Evers for his leadership and for providing me the opportunity to serve the great people of Dane County,” said Frost. “I look forward to working with my fellow judges and most importantly with the people of Dane County to ensure that our courts remain fair and impartial, as well as to improve access to the courts for all, regardless of means or background.”

Frost earned his undergraduate degree from UW–Madison and his law degree from the UW Law School.

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