Adam Hegge from Madison Graphics

Adam Hegge’s Madison Graphics specializes in retail graphics, banners, trade show displays, posters, wall murals and graphics for windows, events and vehicles.

Adam Hegge was, as he puts it, “sick of making money for someone else.” So the 2007 University of Wisconsin Oshkosh graduate with a degree in graphic design put his money where his mouth is and left behind the sign manufacturers he worked for in San Diego and elsewhere to open his own large-format digital printing business.

Madison Graphics, a one-man shop, has been producing high-resolution graphics since 2012 inside an 800-square-foot mini-mall storefront in Fall River. But Hegge conducts all of the design, sales, marketing and other operational tasks out of his home on Sun Prairie’s far west side.

“I’ve always been a fan of crazy, cool graphics,” Hegge said. “So I thought I would put my own spin on them.”

Originally called Sign Language — “I decided to change that, because people thought that I provided sign language services for the deaf,” Hegge, 31, said — Madison Graphics specializes in corporate and self branding by creating retail graphics, banners, trade show displays, posters, wall murals and graphics for windows, events and vehicles.

In fact, the largest segment of Hegge’s business comes from wraps for cars, trucks, boats and ATVs. “Vehicle graphics are changing the way companies advertise — from just a logo on a car to wrapping the whole thing,” he said. “They’re like moving billboards that pay for themselves.”

Hegge has created wraps for everything from ride-on Power Wheels for kids to high-end snowmobiles. “People are now starting to decorate their disposable-income toys,” he said. Skulls, paint splatters and cool grids are especially popular.

There also are special requests, like the one from a homeowner who requested a Wisconsin sports themed wall mural.

Some of Madison Graphics’ most prominent work can be seen in the aquatics areas of the Prairie Athletic Club. Other clients include Prairieland Towing (vehicle wraps), Infinity Martial Arts (window graphics) and Skalitzky Jewelers (storefront sign).

Madison Graphics’ business-to-business work includes jobs for wholesale sign companies that do not have the large printing equipment that Hegge does.

Many times, customers aren’t sure exactly what they want in terms of a design, which is where Hegge’s graphics background comes in handy. He explained that he spends a lot of time with clients to determine their needs, the degree of detail desired and special customization options. “I’ve got my name on everything I do, so I take a lot of time and pride in what I do,” he said.

The Fall River shop, located about 20 miles northeast of Sun Prairie, houses Madison Graphics’ large-format printer, which can print pieces up to 54 inches wide, along with a large-format laminator. The shop is open to the public, but the hours are erratic because Hegge is often on installation calls.

That’s one reason why he hopes to hire a sales professional later this year, which would enable him to focus more on the design and production side of the business. Madison Graphics recently joined the Sun Prairie Chamber of Commerce, which Hegge says will help the company build a stronger presence in the city — especially as the busy summer season approaches.

“A lot of people know where Sun Prairie is,” Hegge said. “Not a lot of people know where Fall River is.”

Madison Graphics

166 McRae Road

Fall River, WI 53932

Phone: (920) 210-8879

Hours: Monday – Friday: 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

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