District 1 Alderman Hariah Hutkowski on Monday, Dec. 15 announced he intends to run for Mayor of Sun Prairie.

In a press release, Hutkowski outlined why he is seeking the office.

"During these tough economic times our community needs leadership that can get results," Hutkowski said. "I have seen Sun Prairie suffer from a lack of solid mayoral leadership and vision in my years on the council. We need a mayor who represents the voter's values through fiscal restraint and possesses a vision to move Sun Prairie forward."

Hutkowski cited incumbent Mayor Joe Chase's unresponsiveness to requests for submission of a zero mill rate increase budget in 2007, and required council action to request one for this year, as evidence that Chase lacks the ability to lead Sun Prairie effectively.

Taxpayers suffer, Hutkowski said, when the Mayor continues to support a mill rate increase of one percent through the last night of this year's budget deliberations.

"In spite of Mayor Chase maneuvering, the council supported a zero percent scenario that still added 2 new police officers, a K-9 unit, and over 12 other spending reductions to give our citizens a break from the city portion of the tax bill," Hutkowski said.

"The Mayor also has failed to take the lead in reducing spending in the budget since taking office in 2005," Hutkowski said, "To achieve cost savings, Aldermen - not the mayor - have picked apart the last three budgets. As a result of our diligence, we have seen our percent increase in spending go from a base of 10.9% in 2005 under Chase's first budget, to 6.5% in 2006, then 5.5% in 2007. This year, it is 3.5% -- that's a huge success!"

An alderman since 2006, Hutkowski said he has demonstrated leadership with results.

In 2008, Hutkowski authored three ordinance and zoning changes that essentially prohibit sexually oriented businesses (strip clubs) in Sun Prairie and an initiative to collect over $700,000 of outstanding fines and fees. He chaired the Personnel Committee that helped settle, finalize, or negotiate all three union contracts this year.

Working with other aldermen, Hutkowski supported initiatives from reducing sexual predators from living in Sun Prairie to passage of a chronic nuisance ordinance to continue allowing background checks of tenants to supporting an ad hoc committee on economic development.

"These worthwhile issues had zero mayoral prompting," Hutkowski said, "and my leadership style that was effective in helping accomplish these initiatives is likewise well-suited to successfully lead Sun Prairie as mayor."

Hutkowski has filed his intent to run with the City Clerk and will be circulating nomination papers.

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