Community volunteer, Sun Prairie Fire Department Community Risk Reduction Officer, supporter of the Sun Prairie Optimist Club member, former YMCA Board Member, Member of Northside Elementary Community School Site Council, and Passenger Safety Technician, Becky McCright recently announced her intention to run for Sun Prairie School Board.

McCright is deeply rooted to the community with 16 years of residency in Sun Prairie. After graduating from UW-Madison in Sociology and Legal Studies, McCright found Sun Prairie to be a great place to raise a family.

She loves to spend time volunteering at the all the schools as seeing kids succeed is something that she values the most.

As a full time Captain for the fire department she also gets the opportunity to support the kids in this community through school events and safety presentations. Some of these programs have been recognized nationally by the National Fire Protection Association.

“I joined the Sun Prairie Fire Department in 2006 as a volunteer to be a part of the community. I have been honored to meet such wonderful people in this community and learn so much from them,” McCright said.

“During 2020 with the pandemic and civil unrest I saw through my two children’s eyes the struggles they had to deal with,” McCright added. “I am running for school board, inspired by their future, inspired for our future as a city and its people.”

Originally from Pewaukee, McCright moved to Sun Prairie in 2004, where she found a place to call home.

Her value for family and youth achievement led her to be involved with the Optimist Club and YMCA. Both these organizations align with her values in providing programs for Sun Prairie students and youth.

McCright learned a lot of these values from her parents. Both spent countless hours helping Pewaukee School District where they could, including raising the funds and awareness to create a girl’s high school fast-pitch softball team as well as a new field to play on.

“The education, skills, and health of our students were compromised in the last year. Many students already lacking in reading and social skills are now further behind and with schools being closed they also suffered in terms of their health, both physical and emotional,” McCright said.

“During my studies in sociology, I learned the core necessities for children and family, is education and interactions with their peers. We must find a way to reopen schools while accommodating those who choose not to enroll their children into a classroom setting,” McCright added. “We live in the land of the free so choices should be honored, not simply shutting down completely.”

McCright’s campaign will focus on several items including reopening schools while following guidelines and returning children to an environment where they can excel. She also would like to see continued support of the Sun Prairie Police School Liaison program while also finding a way to reduce disparities throughout the schools and encouraging parent groups to work together.

While these are just a few, McCright also sees the need for students to have afterschool programs for all students.

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