Students at Royal Oaks Elementary have a healthy approach to fundraising. Instead of selling products, they are taking to the field and running laps to raise funds for the Royal Oaks School Community Organization (ROSCO). The Rocket Run is a volunteer-based fundraiser that allows 100 percent of the proceeds to go directly to school programming, reinforces the benefits of healthy, active lifestyles and complements the Sun Prairie Area School District’s Wellness Policy.

During the first month of school, students have learned proper running and pacing techniques, how to take their pulse, and the health benefits of running. On Friday, they will put their skills to work. The entire student body will run for 20 minutes and complete as many laps as possible. The event is expected to raise over $20,000, with students running over 600 cumulative miles.

Now in it’s third year, the Royal Oaks Rocket Run has become a model for this healthier, more lucrative fundraising approach and other schools are taking note. Creekside Elementary and C.H. Bird Elementary, also in Sun Prairie, will hold runs of their own next week.

Funds raised from the Rocket Run go toward ROSCO programming. This includes teacher allowances and educational programs held throughout the year that cover topics such as science, health, social issues and cultural diversity.

Three waves of running will take place at 9:00, 10:00 and 11:00 AM. Media is invited to attend the event.

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