Each year, the Sun Prairie Star tells its readers what we’re thankful for. Here’s our list for 2019:

The sacrifices farmers make every day to feed the world. Sports on TV. Chocolate and other guilty pleasures. Catching up with old friends.

Eddie’s Alehouse. Class reunions where you look the youngest. A good conversation. The Simpsons (that’s Homer and Bart, not OJ). Old shoes that still fit. Diet Mountain Dew.

Sir Hobo’s. Christian Yelich and your Milwaukee Brewers. Hulu, Netflix and Prime Video. Talk radio. Popcorn. Thoughtful, compassionate clergy. Hot chocolate.

Luke Bryan outstanding in the Statz Farm fields in concert. Finding spare change. The Optimist Club of Sun Prairie. An endless Bucket List. Any variety of pizza, yes, even with anchovies.

Salvatore’s Tomato Pies. The American Red Cross. Dogs and cats and pets -- oh my! The TV show Stumptown. Getting the recipe right the first time. Yoga. A clean bill of health. iPhones. A good night’s sleep.

The Sun Prairie High School music programs. Pabst Blue Ribbon. Mariah Haberman and the Discover Wisconsin TV show (especially the Sun Prairie episode). Brat Fest. Klinke Cleaners and Koats for Kids.

Jim McGaw, the hardest working man in morning Madison drive-time radio. Crossing things off your to-do list. American Legion Post 333 and Auxiliary Unit 333. Hitting that pool shot in the corner pocket just the way you called it. Red Solo cups.

Brownies -- the food and the youth group. Reliable electricity due to the hard work of Sun Prairie Utilities. The smell of a freshly cut Christmas tree.

Athletes who bring the joy of sport to life. The Crosse House. Charity pancake breakfasts with Santa -- we get what we want twice.

Holiday traditions. Big Apple Bagels. Safe hunters who respect tradition and resources. The hush that falls over the crowd. Classic cinema on Turner Classic Movies or wherever you watch it.

The Sun Prairie Ice Arena. Humble Donuts. Your Milwaukee Bucks! The Mandalorian. The Shoppes at Prairie Lakes. The Wisconsin Policy Forum. Cars that start on a cold day. Fox News Sunday. The innocent laughter of children. Curling -- both watching and playing.

Respecting your elders. Agreeing to disagree without being disagreeable. Toby Keith. Quenching the thirst for knowledge. The hap-hap-happiest Griswold Christmas ever!

Veterans who continue to serve their communities through the VFW and the American Legion. The sweet spot. Snuggling up-- and falling asleep -- on the couch. Documentaries.

A breath of fresh air. Downtown Sun Prairie. Vacation days. Pie fresh out of the oven. Iron Man. Elected officials who do their jobs without recognition or agendas. Sun Prairie Strong -- the beer and the slogan!

The Big Band Dance. Buck & Honey’s. The Green Bay Packers. Justice correctly handed out. The agony of defeat and the willingness to try again.

Smooth roads. The Sun Prairie Emergency Food Pantry. Diet, regular and all flavors of Coca Cola. The Sun Prairie Lions Club. The responsible vigilance of law enforcement officers and their continued willingness to do the jobs few others can.

The Sun Prairie Sweet Corn Festival. Safe holiday travels. The willing spirit of volunteers.

Most of all, we’re thankful for you, our readers. Happy Thanksgiving from the Sun Prairie Star!

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