Former Republican Governor and Minority Leader Tommy Thompson, and former Democratic Speaker of the Assembly Tom Loftus, are working together again. Thompson appointed Loftus recently to help run the University of Wisconsin System. The example this sets, because Thompson could have selected anybody, is that the best policies are made through collaboration.

I worked for the Legislature and saw these two and many others, work together daily setting policy that served the common good. As a result, most everything was significantly better in Wisconsin than now.

Working for the common good was a tradition, and Thompson and Loftus maintained it. They could do this because they spent less time thinking about personal gain. They had faith that if they cared about people, voters would appreciate it, and they did.

Things slowly fell apart, with the decline in working for the common good starting in the early 90’s. Some legislators were prosecuted for campaign law violations.

Now, we do not even seem to bother with accountability, and bad politicians flourish. They divide us with fear messages, and we are afraid because we have been told countless times that people with different viewpoints are bad.

Thompson and Loftus are showing us, now when we most need it, that this is not the case.

Brian Berninger

Sun Prairie

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