Trick or Treater (2020)

One Reader Forum letter author says Public Health Madison and Dane County should cancel trick-or-treating for 2020 due to the possible spread of COVID-19.

Cases of COVID-19 continue rising significantly in our county, nationwide and worldwide. Wisconsin leads nationally in the rate of new cases. U.S. deaths surpassed 214,000 recently.

There is talk in this election year of there being a vaccine soon, but people who really know say otherwise.

As we live with the pandemic some aspects of our history, human nature and government service have come to mind.

The history is World War II. My father and uncles served, one died. People worked together--for several years--giving up food, fun, gasoline, materials, mobility, etc. to help each other and the nation through what many believed was a war that should not have involved us.

Wisconsin residents cooperated with each other so those very difficult years passed as well as they could. I never heard of people feeling sorry for themselves let alone making things more difficult by not doing what was reasonably expected.

To that time I contrast people not wearing masks or not altering their usual activities to prevent the virus spreading because of their freedom or being tired of it all.

It is human nature to have a need to belong. Belonging can be family or an organization, but it also must mean the human race. We have become deeply partisan over the past couple decades because of the divide and conquer tactics of people with problem egos.

We are easily hostile now to people not in our group. Elected officials have taken note and are less likely to lead for fear of upsetting the most intimidating groups.

We have arrived at another important moment with COVID-19. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and our state’s Department of Health Services (DHS) are recommending traditional Halloween Trick or Treat be canceled this year.

Some Wisconsin communities have cancelled it. Public Health Madison & Dane County has thought differently, though stated they may change their mind. It would be good if they did soon so it is crystal clear what must be done to control the virus spread since it is not only highly contagious but frequently transmitted by people without symptoms.

Elected officials often need it nice and easy in order to do the best thing, even now. It is important to note that Public Health Madison & Dane County recommended “2 to 3 feet” to control the spread of the virus when the CDC was recommending 6 feet.

Brian Berninger

Sun Prairie

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