Letters to the editor

The Sun Prairie Area School District recently held its first anti-bullying meeting. The members are hoping to hone in on why bullying starts in the first place.

Maybe there is a reason that the child is bullying: "We all know that hurt people, hurt people." An anti-bullying ordinance is in the works. If passed, parents would receive fines if their children are bullying other students. The wealthy parents will just write a check or pull out their credit card! The poor families will never pay!

I am suggesting anti-bullying classes for parents and children involved. The first incident would be a warning letter. For the second incident, parents and student would have to begin attending six weeks of classes. Kids with one instructor, parents with another instructor, and consequences for not attending would have to be determined. Anti-bullying school assemblies might be beneficial for all ages, or perhaps, conducting assemblies before problems start?

We live in the age of technology. Bullying does not begin in school. Often, not always, it begins at home.

As a retired teacher, I taught Parenting Classes for many years. Some classes were held during the day and some at night to accommodate parents schedules.

I realized that most parents love their children and want to be good parents. Parents learned how to deal with stressful and everyday situations/problems. As a parent/grandparent, I also learned from and with the adults in my classes. I am suggesting anti-bullying classes, similar to anger management, money management, etc. Keep Sun Prairie Strong and Safe!

Jeannine Hensler

Sun Prairie

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