Letter to the editor

The Sun Prairie Area School District is teaching critical race theory in the classroom. During learning about the American Revolution, my daughter's class had to stop and read the book "Stamped" (for kids) written by Ibram X. Kendi.

This book is full of quarter truths and lies. When I asked SPASD Director of Student Services Nick Reichhoff about CRT being taught in schools he almost laughed at me and said it was a training tool for teachers and staff.

Then a few weeks later, my daughter told me about this book which I had her bring home for me to read. I also talked to her principal (Michelle Jensen) about the book before reading it and she assured me that the book only mentions Black Lives Matter in the beginning of the book.

After reading the whole book, it actually has almost two chapters on BLM and one of them is titled Black Lives Matters. This shows me that she as principal doesn't know what is being taught in her school.

Nick Reichhoff, in an email to me, said that a cover of a book doesn't mean it's CRT-based. Obviously if he would've read the book himself, he would've known — or he did, and just lies to parents about it.

The way this was handled in class and the fact that students weren't allowed to keep a copy of the book to bring home tells me that SPASD is trying to keep things like this from parents.

Erick Barka

Sun Prairie

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