Letter to the editor

Thank you, David Boyer, for sharing his experience at the Berry Town Hall meeting, and my deepest condolence on the death of your mother in the back of an ambulance.

I’ve been thinking about his letter, and the two Dane County Supervisors who broke rules and violated the mask mandate at that meeting.

I’ve personally heard enough about the mask debate. I retired in 2018 after working at UW Hospital for 31 years. The doctors, nurses, medical and nursing assistants, and administrators are exhausted after watching people die, needlessly, from COVID-19.

1. We know that masks make a difference. The evidence is clear and available at the CDC.gov website. Sure, when I volunteer at Westside Elementary, some children don’t like to wear their masks—but when I ask them to pull it over their nose, they willingly comply. I remind them that it won’t last forever, and that it helps me, an old lady, stay healthy.

2. In a time where private businesses like Moderna and Pfizer, health care professionals, hospitals, and public institutions across the health care ecosystem have aligned to solve this critical issue (not easy from my many years in healthcare administration), we still are drawn to politicians that choose theatrics over solutions.

We have all grown too familiar with this form of public theater perpetuated by Supervisors Jeff Weigand and Tim Rockwell. I, for one, am sick of it.

3. The way I see it, there are major problems (overrun hospitals, kids not in school, keeping businesses open) and a solution must find a way to keep these fundamental services running smoothly while keeping our community healthy…. and this will require difficult trade-offs that need to be debated at meetings like the Dane County Board.

4. I only hope that Dane County residents vote for elected officials who avoid hyperbolic stunts and instead work together to solve the real issues, just like our frontline workers have been doing for the past 20 months (and the state of Wisconsin used to for decades).

5. And, let’s thank our healthcare professionals who have found a way to work unrelenting, long hours across profession/salary level/political affiliation to save people’s lives while the people we’ve elected refuse to work together and instead prefer political theater.

Please, wear a mask in public spaces. And, if you aren’t already, get vaccinated and boosted.

Mary Marshall

Sun Prairie

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