Letters to the editor

The Sun Prairie Star’s editorial calling on city government to take action to prevent more vehicle-pedestrian collisions ("City needs to act to ensure pedestrian death does not happen again," Our View, April 21) near the intersection of West Main Street and Clarmar Drive is shockingly misleading.

The editorial lists warnings in recent years about the dangerous situation for pedestrians crossing West Main Street near that intersection. Toward the end of the editorial, it says, “Unfortunately, it’s taking a tragedy to force alders to re-focus on proactive matters related to public safety.”

The editorial fails to mention that in late 2019, the City Council responded to these warnings by funding the “HAWK Pedestrian Crossing” budget initiative in the 2020 city budget. City staff wrote the following in support of this budget initiative: “Public Works and Engineering have received multiple requests for a safer crossing in the Park Circle / Clarmar / Rickel Rd area. There were four pedestrian accidents in the last five years and we have heard of many more near misses. To ensure that we install the correct tool in the correct location, we request that a[n] engineered traffic study be completed first to ensure best solution is being implemented, then design the intersection before we complete construction.”

This is one of two budget initiatives related to pedestrian safety that the City Council funded in the 2020 budget.

The decisions to request and fund these budget initiative shows city staff and a City Council taking proactive action to improve public safety before a tragedy occurs.

Why did the Sun Prairie Star’s editorial board choose to omit this? It appears the editorial board is more interested in sensationalism than improving public safety.

Bill Connors

Sun Prairie

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