Letter to the editor

Managing editor’s note:The following was emailed to the Sun Prairie Star as an open letter to Sun Prairie District 4 Alder Mary Polenske:

I have been meaning to write you regarding the reduction of the speed limit on Main Street. Since I figure Sun Prairie was just following Madison, I haven’t written until now. I was on the west side of Madison, via East Washington, yesterday and noticed that Madison has quietly moved their 25 miles per hour (MPH) limit back to 40/35/30 along that street.

I notice the same on normal streets where only weeks ago they had “traffic enforcement” signs along city streets with decreased speed limits. They have, again, quietly changed the speed limit signs back to 25.

In Sun Prairie, it has become a ridiculous and futile effort by whomever decided to put the 25 mph in place. I use my cruise control to guarantee I’m going 25 (although I know some cars can’t even set a cruise limit that low). And what do I get for my attempt to follow a law? “The finger”, yelled at, almost rear-ended as people madly move around me, tailgated and seeing vehicles routinely traveling faster that the speed limit.

In the beginning there were often patrol cars monitoring this, especially in our district on Main Street. Now, that never happens. In fact, at any given time passing the West Side Community Service Building, I see five to seven parked police vehicles. People just blow past the flashing MPH sign.

What is going to happen is either an accident or, the way this town is going, gun play.

Either put the limits back to a sane MPH, or install ticket dispensing signs, or hire some sort of traffic technicians with the authority to ticket speeders and/or gather information to see what percent of people ARE following the new limits.

Heck, give me a speed gun and I’ll sit out there and gather data to support a change.

It’s just governmental stupidity. It’s not working so admit it and restore the original speed limits and find some other way to address the issue.

Anne Kienitz

Sun Prairie

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