Schneider House demolition

Demolition of the historic Schneider/Thompson home on Thompson Road took place on Tuesday, Nov. 17 to make way for the new Pumpkin Patch development that will include retail shops, a large retail anchor tenant, a gas station and convenience store and a workforce housing apartment complex.

I grew up in Sun Prairie when it was a much smaller town. People shopped in the downtown area at Weisensels, Ben Franklin, Cain’s, etc. Once East Towne was opened in 1971 the downtown died as people went there.

Over time the sprawl has spread west towards Madison. Now unless you’re shopping for specialty items it’s all big box stores like Walmart & Target.

I was saddened to see the destruction of the historic Schneider/Thompson House on the 151 frontage road.

So what’s to go up there? Apartments. Are they going to be affordable? Most likely not.

Another food store? I hear Hy-Vee will go in. There’s already Woodmans, Aldi, Pick n Save, and Super Walmart. Not to mention that both Costco & Target carry grocery items.

There’s just a smaller “historic” area in the downtown with store fronts & homes.

I lived in Stoughton for 11 years and they’re very serious about historic preservation in both retail and residential. There are downtown buildings on both the State and National historic preservation list. Their residential neighborhoods are also preserved. Beautiful older Victorian homes.

Go take a look.

It seems like the city council and planners are more interested in being like Madison where the same thing is happening.

Connie Murphy


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