Letters to the editor

I was saddened seeing the ugly side of Sun Prairie today.

This morning we arose to find that a cowardly neighbor had trespassed and stolen all of our political yard signs overnight. The signage was proclaiming our support for candidates in the upcoming Presidential, House, and State Senate and House offices.

Likely it was the act of an unstable person, incapable of reasoned discourse. Perhaps it was the person who had screamed "Go Trump" at us as she drove by? Or another who feels their political support requires criminal trespass?

What does it say about our city when those we support, in free and democratic elections, target us for attack? What does it say when we need to fear of how far a neighbor's attack will go as they pursue their own political fandom?

By all means vote for whomever you support. As will I.

But this is a democracy. We have the right to disagree. Please learn to respect our rights. Otherwise you simply demean our city, state, and democratic nation.

Virginia Miller

Sun Prairie

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