Letters to the editor

Congress passed legislation authorizing checks to be sent to Americans indiscriminately. Many of us did not need the check. COVID isolation was inconvenient, and wearing masks was for our safety as well as the safety of others around us.

Our unexpected change in lifestyle mean we did not spend money for gas, and we ate at home, saving money. We did not spend money on entertainment, and we canceled vacations. Families did not pay fees for children, youth and adult activities.

What we did not spend and do caused others to lose their jobs. They have suffered.

Unemployment has led to all kinds of pain for others in our community. Food has become a crisis issue, while overdue rent, mortgage and car payments have become frightening. These people are the ones who needed the check.

I invite you to join me in giving your check to Sunshine Place, or some other place, to aid those who are suffering. My motivation comes from Jesus, who admonishes us to love others as much as we love ourselves.

Ross Oestreich

Sun Prairie

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