Letters to the editor

Apparently, the Sun Prairie mayor lives far enough away from the potential quarry site that he felt it was OK for him to vote against recommending that the Windsor Village Board deny a permit for a new quarry on the west side of Highway C in the Village of Windsor.

The Sun Prairie Plan Commission members, other than the mayor, are opposed to the quarry. How can the Sun Prairie City Council come up with a neutral resolution to the quarry?

Alder Al Guyant says that he is not neutral and that he is opposed to the quarry. The council members bowing to the mayor's desire for a close supply of aggregate is unbelievable. Hasn't the mayor encouraged and allowed enough apartments to be built in Sun Prairie?

Hopefully the Windsor Plan Commission will recommend that the zoning of the land will stay as farmland. We are losing more farmland every year to expanding suburbs and more Dane County land preservation.

In 2002 the City of Sun Prairie/Town of Windsor Joint Extraterritorial Zoning Committee voted NO to the same quarry being proposed again on Highway C. The same reasons for voting NO exist now and are even more critical as there are more people living, walking, and biking in the area everyday.

The traffic on Highway C is increasingly busy, and a quarry would add to that traffic situation with the danger caused by heavier trucks. The Highway 19 cross traffic and school bus stops/traffic would be further imperiled by the quarry vehicles.

Property values for everyone within miles of the quarry would be negatively affected.

Water quality would be in danger. The quarry lies over the Token Creek watershed which supplies our water and is one of the biggest sources of fresh water to Lakes Mendota and Monona.

Ted Stehly

Sun Prairie

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