Angell Park during Corn Fest

Angell Park during the annual Sun Prairie Sweet Corn Festival offers plenty for visitors and residents to do. The Corn Fest was among the amenities mentioned as part of Money Magazine’s rating of Sun Prairie as #40 on its Best Places to Live in America.

Money Magazine is just the latest publication to discover Sun Prairie, but we’re hopeful the city can build on this momentum.

Obviously Money, and before that, in 2009, Family Circle, liked what they saw in Sun Prairie.

We think these types of rankings are more “where have you been?” than “what’s new” because they share things in the community that longtime residents have long known about.

They are why we moved to the community.

What Money, Family Circle and other publications can’t capture is the spirit of the community.

Testimonials like Shirley Bostad’s problem at Woodman’s (see the Reader Forum letter in the Sept. 29 issue) demonstrate this spirit of community.

There are countless other stories like those in Sun Prairie.

Organizations like Shelter from the Storm Ministries, Sunshine Place, the Sun Prairie Emergency Food Pantry, Sunshine Supper and Stuff the Bus are examples of Sun Prairie neighbors helping other Sun Prairie residents.

Not only do the people being helped by these organizations benefit, the volunteers benefit, too, because they are getting as much as they give.

That’s not taking anything away from Sun Prairie as a unique community (especially in non-Covid-19 times). Our events like Groundhog Day and the Sweet Corn Festival are unique on the Wisconsin landscape. The weekly Sun Prairie Farmers Market and events at other outdoor venues are enjoyable, friendly and inviting.

And, of course, don’t forget our other amenities, including our educational facilities (including the brand new Bank of Sun Prairie Stadium at Ashley Field), the Colonial Club Senior Center, and our parks are state-of-the-art.

We hope this ranking of No. 40 among Best Places in America to Live for 2020 by Money Magazine gives Sun Prairie a little boost right now.

We’re bombarded (and we’re sure you are, too) with stories about how people are getting depressed in this COVID-19 world. This little bit of good news -- being ranked among many other communities in the United States -- should help us all puff out our chests with pride a little more.

If you already live here, you know our community is special. If not, it’s a great place to visit -- and you will want to live here!

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