Letters to the editor

I read that Sun Prairie is looking into doing a housing study. I hope part of that study is the lack of over 55 housing.

I’m not talking about transitional housing, where you go from apartment to nursing home to potentially Alzheimer’s unit, all in one facility, or an over 55 apartment complex.

I’m talking about duplex to four-plex single story units with two-car garages, similar to Olympic Village -- reasonably priced either owned or rental.

I can only speak for myself, but I do believe there is a market for folks older than age 55 who would love to sell their home and downsize but have no options currently in the Sun Prairie area.

I know one was considered near Walgreens on the west side, but the housing market crash in 2008 killed it.

If others are in agreement, let your voices be heard.

Gary Tribbey

Sun Prairie

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