Letters to the editor

Regarding the front page article about the hazardous Windsor Street (Highway 19)-Highway 151 intersection (“WisDOT: 151-Windsor is crash-prone,” Feb. 18), I know that the Police Chief is just getting started, but it is time to do a speed survey along Windsor Street.

That would include the ramps which are being routinely rolled through.

Some of us have been discussing the feasibility of a traffic patrol consisting of two officers, probably new hires on permanent assignment to traffic control except as needed for bonafide emergencies. This has been tried in other communities and has resulted in an essentially self-funded operation.

In addition, it will very likely result in more warrant arrests, and likely a decrease in the increasing felony activity in the city.

It is not just speeding: Stop signs are becoming stop suggestions.

As an example of what that leads to, consider downtown Milwaukee, where they are seeing red lights being run through on a regular basis.

It is WAY PAST time to get traffic controlled in Sun Prairie, and a dedicated traffic patrol is my suggestion.

Mike Leahan

Sun Prairie

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