Letters to the editor

I am concerned about the destructive path we are on. We have become separated from knowing that everything in nature is interconnected and that the well-being of the Earth and ourselves hinges on co-existence and stewardship with the natural world.

There is so much beauty on this planet that we have taken it for granted, and are causing unnecessary suffering and destroying ecosystems we depend on. We are witnessing a cascade of epic losses of birds, bees and mammals, as well as the decline of trees and other vital plant species. These effects are due to climate change stemming from our atmospheric pollution.

A reminder of what is in the way of altering our destructive path: our economic system now dominates our system of government. Citizens United, the 2010 U.S. Supreme Court decision that determined corporations are people, “legalized corruption”, according to former President Carter.

Ten years later, we are now on the brink of allowing oil exploration in our Arctic National Wildlife Refuge even though we already rank as the #1 or #2 producer and exporter of oil in the world, and have so for many years.

In 1961 President Eisenhower, a Five-Star General, warned our nation about a possible “military industrial complex” and its threat to our democratic government. He called it “a formidable union of defense contractors and the armed forces”.

The Citizens United decision has enabled to come to fruition what Eisenhower hoped we would forever prevent. It is still possible, however, for the future to be bright, if we stop letting our egos and our fear-based greed get in the way.

Brian Berninger

Sun Prairie

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