During President Biden’s recent trip to Wisconsin, we had a chance to hear details about the President’s latest infrastructure proposal. While President Biden touched on important initiatives that matter to Wisconsinites—like repairing our bridges and repaving our roads—what he failed to disclose is the multi-trillion-dollar contingency attached to his proposal.

That’s right. Democrats in both the House and Senate have threatened to blow up the President’s plan unless their radical budget reconciliation bill, with its massive price tag, is passed alongside it.

To name just a few items in this supposed infrastructure reconciliation bill: free community college, universal pre-K, mandatory paid leave, and tax increases on businesses that will lead to higher prices on things Wisconsinites buy every day. The left will stop at nothing to pass their agenda, even if it means withholding money to fix Wisconsin’s roads and bridges.

This scheme is not new though. Just mere months ago Democrats passed a $1.9 trillion COVID- 19 ‘relief’ package. Only 9% of the funding went toward coronavirus health measures, with plenty of money left to fund liberal pet projects. This infrastructure package is no different.

To pile on even more, at the same time President Biden was in Wisconsin, House Democrats led by Speaker Pelosi went ahead and passed an even more lopsided and partisan surface transportation plan. In Pelosi’s plan, half of the funding in the bill goes towards funding radical Green New Deal mandates, while disadvantaging rural America, and bankrupting the Highway Trust Fund. Not to mention, the House proposal relies heavily on deficit spending, further fanning the flames of inflation and increasing the cost of goods, like gas and food.

House Republicans have fought hard to combat the irresponsible legislating from the left. We offered a commonsense infrastructure bill that would have ensured the solvency of the Highway Trust Fund, provided states with greater flexibility to meet their unique infrastructure needs, invested in rural communities, and repaired America’s crumbling infrastructure.

Unfortunately, Democrats rejected this bill and decided to move forward with a partisan package that pushes their radical goals, rather than fix America’s infrastructure.

There is no doubt that we must invest in infrastructure to meet our nation’s growing needs, but Americans need Congress to do so in a responsible way. The Democrats’ boondoggle proposals spend more on partisan schemes than actual U.S. infrastructure. This is not the answer, and Americans deserve better.

Fitzgerald, who represents the 5th Congressional District, maybe reached via U.S. Mail at 1507 Longworth House Office Building, Washington, DC 20515.

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