Letters to the editor

As we end this unprecedented school year, we wanted to share with this community our thoughts on the state of the Sun Prairie Area School District: present, past, and future.

There is little doubt this school year will long be remembered by all of us. Masks, social distancing, and the expression “you are on mute” will not be easily forgotten.

We want to express our admiration of and gratitude for the 1,300 dedicated faculty, staff, and administrators for their determination, their flexibility, and the love they provided to the nearly 8,400 children in our school district. Their service has been nothing short of remarkable. We all owe them our respect and appreciation.

You should also know that the students in this school district are amazing! They persevered during this pandemic, and we could not be prouder of their resiliency.

When we think about the past five or six years, we are also proud of what has been collaboratively accomplished in the SPASD. Together, we have solved our elementary and secondary space issue for at least the next 10 years, enhanced all of our schools with safety and security features, increased pay for faculty and staff, froze health insurance rates for five years, created an employee wellness clinic in partnership with the City of Sun Prairie, maintained class sizes, reviewed all curriculum areas, implemented new math curriculum at the elementary and middle school levels, created and implemented a comprehensive equity plan, enhanced communication with the community, and so much more.

We invite you to visit www.sunprairieschools.org/continuous-improvement for more information on how your school district has evolved and improved.

But of course, we are not a perfect organization. We have had our missteps, failures, and disappointments. One of the ties that binds this school district together is continuous improvement. And we will always work to improve, as we believe that is what our children deserve and what this community expects.

As we think about the next academic year, we are planning to have students back in buildings full-time. We will have a virtual option for those who prefer that learning style.

We will continue our equity work, including on-boarding a new Director of Systemic Equity and Inclusion, finish construction of Sun Prairie West High School, convert Cardinal Heights to Central Heights, prepare a new space for Prairie Phoenix Academy, finalize a secondary staffing plan, and work on a refresh of our strategic plan.

Of course, this being Sun Prairie, many other unexpected events will occur that will require time and attention.

What we know for sure is that this school district will work even harder to ensure that every child is provided the quality education they deserve. This community’s children will be inspired and loved in our schools every day. That is our commitment to you.

On behalf of the Board of Education and Senior Leadership, thank you for entrusting us to lead this school district. We hope you are as proud of our school district as we are. We wish you a wonderful summer season.

Steve Schroeder, School Board President

Brad Saron, Superintendent

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